Redefined Sanitizer

SANI turns water into sanitizer
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Non-toxic. Kills 99.999% of the toughest pathogens


SANI -  smart sanitizer generator uses SANI+ ™ electrolysis technology to produce a powerful and harmless eco-friendly sanitizer from regular water.



Made of natural compounds found in our blood cells, you and SANI 100% comparable!


Alcohol free

SANI HOCL based formula eliminates alcohol usage, protecting your health & beliefs.


No plastic waste

With self-made pure sanitizer, no need to buy plastic-bottled stuff. Avoid plastic, go clean and green!


Skin friendly:

SANI does not cause irritation to eyes and skin. Even if it were to be ingested it would cause no harm

HOCL formula

Our active ingredient is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL)

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a weak acid that is naturally produced by the white blood cells of all mammals. It plays an important role in the immune system, killing pathogens through oxidation and chlorination.  It is an extremely effective disinfectant and sanitizer.  Because it is naturally produced in our bodies, it is not toxic or hazardous.  

All-natural and non-toxic oxidant

Kills 99.999% of the toughest pathogens

Fight against infection and disease

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Non-toxic. Kills 99.999% of the toughest pathogens

Preorder Now

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